FloodGate Marketing Is Your Secret Weapon
Against The Rising Threat Of Big Business Competition.


In today's emotional economy it is more critical than ever that you correctly build your company's brand. There's no room for trial and error any more. It has to be right the first time because the marketplace is unforgiving and won't stand for it. They will simply eliminate you from their minds and in the US and Canada this opens the door even wider for big companies to destroy small businesses.

FloodGate Marketing, with our products and services is the answer.

The 7 Most Important Points You Need to Consider
When Working With An Agency

1 - The Right Strategy

With FloodGate Marketing we'll help you develop the only true brand that's right for your company. That brand is credibility. You'll know what marketing advertising, sales and publicity approaches to use. What your web site, brochures and ads should say and how they should look. You'll understand where ads need to be placed to make sure you get the biggest return for your investment.

2 - A Fully Developed Plan

With FloodGate Marketing you'll receive a complete one year plan for marketing, advertising, branding, sales and publicity, lead generation, follow up systems, sales systems - everything. There's no more guess work - everything and every one works in unison for dramatically bigger and better results. You'll see more repeat business and referral business.

3 - The Highest Quality

We bring Fortune 500 level design into the world of small businesses. Our unique products and services allow you the ability to transform your small enterprise into a serious contender against the much larger and better-funded big corporations.

4 - Low Price

Our services cost a fraction of the typical fees associated with this level of service. Other agencies will charge you $7,000 to $10,000 a month or more for similar services. You may even be asked for a huge fee up front before they would even consider the project.

5 - You Need It Now

FloodGate Marketing starts implementing immediately instead of taking between 9 to 18 months on creativity time with no action for you. With our systematized development program you'll see results within days.

6 - Make It Easy

At FloodGate Marketing we do all the work. It will take you minutes a week to manage your entire 12 month campaign and all of its components.

7 - You Maintain Control

With FloodGate Marketing you will own and control your new brand and your new materials outright. You'll never again be at the mercy of an agency or firm or any in-house marketing department.

Remember; we are your secret weapon against the rising threat of big business competition so let FloodGate Marketing be your company's agency of record. Contact us today.