• 3 Biggest Problems Script

    This is a script for your receptionist or for your "60 Second Elevator Pitch".  It will separate you from the competition every time.  If your prospects are shopping around and happen to call you, they will stop shoppng and buy from you after hearing this.

  • Photography Services For Your Business

    At FloodGate Marketing we are pleased to offer professional in-house photography services.  Your product and service images need to be compelling in order to support the marketing content.  We welcome you to use our service - PhotoSplash Photography.  This is a branded service offering exclusively from FloodGate Marketing Inc. provided by Michelle Manzoni.  She provides the majority of her services in the Golden Horseshoe and readily travels to destinations when needed. She’s an expert commercial photographer producing vivid, compelling images for corporations, businesses, restaurants, architects, interior designers, and individuals. 

    Michelle’s photographs are often used in web sites, cookbooks, menus, marketing collateral, corporate imagery and advertisements. They have been featured in exhibitions, books, brochures, magazines and in frames on the walls of discerning individuals.

    Her objective is to gain a deep understanding of the resulting goal that you want to achieve. What feelings, thoughts or emotions should this image produce in the mind of the audience? Then she uses her vast experience, imagination and a multitude of tools to bring you exactly what you need.


Training Programs

  • Marketing 101 For Small Business

    This is a PowerPoint presentation that you will want to open if you need a lot of details to help market your business.  It contains many sample ads and images so the file may take a few minutes to download or open.

    Turn on your speakers for the audio content, grab a coffee and plan on spending 30 to 45 minutes with this one.

    Then implement the ideas and watch your business grow.