Propower Mfg. Inc.

We accomplished the goals we set for our new website.  One of our important objectives was to grow our sales of International fuel tanks by several orders of magnitute.  We accomplished that along with a multitude of other "pleasant surprises" after the launch of our new site.  It did exactly what you said it would.

- John Benn, VP Sales MetalTanks.com

Raymond James Ltd.

“There was a time not long ago when I contacted you in a bit of a panic asking you to stop our radio ads.  We realized that in a short time span we had accumulated more appointments than we could handle for the next three to four months.  It’s obvious that your strategies work.”

- Ken Aquino, Financial Advisor

Bloomberg Magazine

“Michael, This ad is worth a standing ovation. Congratulations on producing a superb ad that is effective in getting the reader's attention and communicating a key message!  Please do not hesitate to use me as a business reference when cultivating clients.”

- Lisaminh Wooruff, Bloomberg Markets Magazine

First National LP

Within the first year of engaging the services of FloodGate Marketing we have seen an unprecedented growth in business of over 40%.  This was in 2009 – the same year most businesses suffered significant declines due to the global recession.  Mike has been instrumental in helping me grow my business by developing sound B2B marketing strategies and by helping us to implement them. 

- Robert Fleet, Business Development Manager

Integral Wealth Securities

“I think the flyer looks great and our topic should be of reasonable interest, so as long as we execute on time then we have put together a good campaign under tight timelines. 
I am quite confident that between the newspaper ad, the unaddressed mail and our own clients we should be able to fill our room.
In any event, after this flyer goes out we will have created some good new awareness about the firm with a professional look to our communications.”

- Joe Humphries, Integral Wealth Securities


“A realization on how far we were out of sync with our target market. I wonder what would happen if we continue doing what we were doing and look forward to what will happen when we do it right.” Lynn is an Investment Executive with ScotiaMcLeod

- Lynn Lewis, ScotiaMcLeod

Brant Florist

Brant Florist published new yellow page ads that were developed by Mike Manzoni.  We are very pleased with these ads which are generating positive responses and continual business.  These ads are much different than the pretty ads we used to run which were filled with platitudes that sounded like everybody else.  Each contains a message which we believe strongly tells in a measurable way why we are better than the competition.”

- Ken Bolt, President, Brant Florist

Alberta Wealth Management

“I was out of the Financial Planning business for 3 years due to a back problem. In that time the industry had dramatically changed and frankly I was failing at my attempt to return until I was introduced to Mike Manzoni. Through his creativity we produced a concept that would bring prospects to me rather than me trying to find them. Since working with Michael, my company is now in a positive cash flow position and I credit much of this success to Michael’s ingenuity and creativity.”

- Richard Wright, CEO, Alberta Wealth Management

Etched In Time

I admired Floodgate's portfolio so I booked an appointment online to meet with them.  I liked and connected with Mike immediately - his marketing vision was remarkable.

The care that he took in learning our business and our clientele resulted in a quality product that surpassed my expectations (And no one has higher expectations than we do at Etched in Time!)

Mike has mastered the artistry of wordsmithing - his writing is powerful.  The rave reviews we have received from our current clients means our image transformation looks good and the new clients that have resulted because of it, paid for itself in only a week after we launched our new image.  Our relationship with Floodgate was so successful that we have already begun building our corporate video division with their guidance every step of the way.

Outsourcing our marketing has proven to be the most successful business strategy that we have implemented.  Don't do business without Mike Manzoni and his people at Floodgate Marketing.

- Joseph Moore, President, Etched in Time Video Studios

All Star Sports Centre

Working with Michael has been a tremendous experience from re-branding All Star Sports Centre to developing a new website, to creating brochures and regular newsletters, to sending out email blasts and literally all aspects of our marketing.  

Floodgate Marketing has helped us grow our business even through tough economic times where families have had to pinch their pennies and really watch their spending.   Through understanding exactly what we do and how we do it better, Michael helped people believe that it was worth spending money in our business and we are extremely grateful for the services he provided.  

Michael was very pleasant to worth with and professional in all respects while providing direction and guidance in our marketing helping us to take it to a whole other level. 

We would highly recommend Michael and the services of Floodgate Marketing for you and your company as a marketing expert that your company will truly benefit from.

- Paula Lockwood, President/Owner, All Star Sports Centre

Fun For Life Club International

“One of the most notable activities was the result of the initial survey conducted to determine the "hot buttons" of our customers. The data revealed that there were many things we didn't know about our customer's preferences. This allowed us the opportunity to adjust and cater to their needs and to create a specific program that has proven to be incredibly successful, almost overnight. With his direction for web content and input on design we created a whole new site to promote and support the new program. It was an immediate success and our business volume continues to grow week over week.”

- AI Pringle, CEO and President, Fun For Life Club International